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ISBM has a total non-alcohol policy within the entire building. No alcoholic beverages of any kind may be consumed in the public areas, recreation rooms, classrooms and student rooms of the Student Accommodation building. Any violation of this rule will result in the immediate cancellation of the accommodation contract, and may also lead to the suspension and/or expulsion of a student from the study contract.


The school provides accommodation only to first-year students. The shower and toilet need to be cleaned daily by you. Please ensure that when having a hot shower, the window is open (otherwise a smoke alarm is activated). Future employers require that you really take care of your personal hygiene. Your room key is for your own use. Please keep the room locked at all times, as we cannot accept responsibility for any theft or damage of your personal belongings. Losing the keys will result in the change of our key system at your own expense.

Linen: we change linen every two weeks. Please check the linen change dates on the notice board.
Noise: Switzerland is a noise-free Zone after 22:00. Please respect this.
Visitors: it is forbidden to take any outside visitors or friends to your room unless the Duty Manager has been informed. It is not permitted to host a friend overnight in your room. Violation of this rule will result in the immediate cancellation of the accommodation contract.


Students are expected to attend all classes in suitable European dress. During service classes, you will require a black skirt or pants and white blouse or shirt, and black shoes. Students with the unsuitable dress, unclean or unshaven are sent out of the classroom. The dress code is applicable to lunchtime dining. Professionalism is expressed as the way you present yourselves, therefore please dress like a professional executive. This rule applies Monday to Friday during the study term.


Students must notify the School Administration Office of any change of mail, phone and email address immediately. This is to be in order with the local government regulations and to ensure that any school-related correspondence is deliverable. The Academic Office communicates regularly with all its students and alumni by email and takes no responsibility for any undelivered mail or messages if the addresses are not up-to-date. This is particularly essential when leaving for the internship.


Computers are available for students’ use in the computer room. Opening hours are displayed on the notice board. Computers are only available for use when no lectures are scheduled in the computer room. Please take care of the computers and report any problems to the computer room supervisor.


ISBM has a “zero-tolerance” policy towards drug use. No recreational drugs are permitted on the premises. The use or possession of any type of drugs will lead to instant cancellation of the study contract, and could lead to criminal charges being aid against any such person. The same rules apply for the dealing in and selling of drugs.


This student handbook provides you with information for your academic studies. The policies and regulations specified in this handbook are the formal prescriptions of the requirements to complete a Diploma and/or a Degree. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that the policies are fully understood and adhered to. Students are responsible for keeping themselves informed of any changes and of notices, which may be posted on the official information boards. Every effort should be made to uphold the academic standards and adhere to the academic regulations.
Students have an obligation to behave in an orderly and proper manner; any breach of academic rules will render a student liable to disciplinary action. Failure to show respect for duly established regulations and policies might result in suspension or dismissal from the school. Please read this manual carefully and ask questions if you do not understand any content.


Swiss Laws require all Swiss and foreigners living in Switzerland to have medical insurance for both illness and accidents. ISBM will arrange this insurance for the study period with SWISSCARE, International Insurance Company. The cost of the insurance is NOT part of your study fees and will be deducted from your personal deposit. ISBM will pay on your behalf CHF 495 for insurance (varies subject to your age and gender and residence) to the insurance company during the first 6 months; thereafter you will be responsible for payments. If you have already active insurance cover, you must provide evidence to ISBM at the time of registration.


The school is not responsible for any loss or theft of personal property. It is the responsibility of each student to insure his / her personal belongings. Items found on campus can be returned to the School Administration Office. Items lost on campus should be reported to the office without delay.


Swiss Residence Permit B will be used as Student Identification.

All classrooms, computer rooms, corridors, and dining halls are strictly non-smoking areas and are off limit for all mobile telephones. Please respect this rule.

The ISBM is not a public building. It is not permitted to invite non-ISBM students into the building without asking for permission.

ISBM will assist with your local registration at the place of residence, and the registration with the Foreign Police of the Canton of Lucerne. This process takes approx. 4 weeks and you will receive the local residential permit as soon as it is processed by the government. This visa entitles you to study full-time at ISBM and, for students achieving the required academic and practical results, to work for 6 months per study year as part of your study program (paid industry work experience program). You are however not entitled to work during the official study period, as this is regarded as a serious offense. The Swiss Immigration authorities have strict controls and failure to comply can mean deportation and loss of school fees.
The Swiss B permit allows you to enter and depart Switzerland at any time during the study period and is your Swiss identification paper. For travel to European nations, you don't need to obtain a special Schengen visa, and information is available at the School Management Office.

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