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An industry training internship is a requirement of all educational programs. The industry training period may total up to 6 months and starts immediately after the completion of the course. It is a graded subject and is an integral part of Hospitality education. Up to 12 credits may be earned and transferred. This document describes the objectives, issues, and preparations required for industry training in Switzerland.

It is essential that you read the manual and understand the steps required to be eligible for training and the preparations necessary for training.

This internship gives students the opportunity to apply practically what they have learned during the school period. At the same time, it will develop necessary operational skills, allowing students to start their career after graduation with confidence. The internship provides, for many students, the only opportunity to gain work experience abroad during the early stages of their careers.
First-year Students who meet the Food and Beverage, the German language, and other academic requirements (earned over a minimum of 6 months of study) can apply for an internship in Switzerland from a list provided by the school and from the many employment advertisements in hotel industry newspapers. Students with incomplete studies, failure in F&B subjects, or insufficient German language skills can be excluded from the program until these aspects are on par. The second-year students will find the industry training themselves.
While the school does everything that it can do to assist students in finding a suitable position, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to prepare the CV or resume, to arrange for interviews, to present him/or herself in a professional manner, and to secure a position. As hotels and restaurants are generally privately run businesses, the school can not guarantee that any particular business will employ, or continue to employ, any particular applicant.
During Industry Training, students work and live as employees of a hospitality business and as such come under the employment law of Switzerland. Students presently receive a gross monthly salary of SFr. 2050 during their period of training.
Board and lodging are normally provided for students at or near the establishment where they carry out their training. Employers are entitled to deduct an officially specified amount for this.

To reinforce academic studies through extended exposure to and involvement with the operation of a functioning Food and Beverage operation. To provide an opportunity to apply, develop and extend the basic skills, and gain a work reference letter.
To provide an opportunity for personal development and experience working together with other people under real business conditions.
We try to ensure that all qualifying students receive an opportunity for industry training. However, we are unable to guarantee a contract or training venue at specific destinations selected by students. Students not qualifying for academic reasons, as stated in the industry manual, may complete their outstanding academic subjects, and commence their industry training within 12 months.
It is particularly important to understand, that a student who rejects an offer received or seeks another position after a contract is assured, will not be able to receive further assistance from the Academy. Students who fail in their training, and/or lose their position or leave their work contract prior to completion through their own fault are not regarded as having completed the study program. They may not qualify for a Diploma or Degree and full transfer credits and will receive a Certificate of Study.
ISBM coordinates the industry training. The Training Coordinator is available to assist you. We assist all students to receive an industry training opportunity; however, we are unable to guarantee a full six months contract, or training venue at destinations selected by students. If a student is not able to accept the training offer made via the school, it is then the student’s own responsibility to obtain a new position, and the relevant work and resident permits.
Industry training is not a reward for spending 6 months in Switzerland but is an important part of the education program for students. All students, who have successfully completed the schooling, are eligible for industry training.
Successfully completed is considered as having met the following requirements: All preparatory tasks, such as preparing a resume, composing a letter of application, and attending several interviews with employers is completed according to the time schedule.
Students must have an attendance record above 85% and be of good standing (i.e. not under Academic Probation).
Since the training venues are generally located within the German-speaking regions of Switzerland, the German language is important. Students must achieve a minimum of 70% grade in this subject.
Complete and sign the Agreement between the school and the student (as per the sample at end of this section).
Please read the following information, and ask questions if any item or issue is unclear. Industry Training students are within the Swiss Labour law system and its rules and regulations. ISBM is unable to rectify or fix situations, if you do not follow the rules and directives given.

Industry training is an integral part of the school's program and is an indispensable complement to the student’s theoretical studies.
The industry-training period starts no later than one month after the end of the final semester. The duration of the work period is usually a minimum of 12 weeks (480 hours), however, 4 months in a seasonal resort and 6 months elsewhere.
Students are encouraged to make direct contact with hotels or restaurants themselves. When students receive any correspondence from a hotel, they should reply even if their response is negative.
Students must show their curriculum vitae (resume) and cover letter to the school before sending them off to prospective employers. This is to avoid duplication and grammatical or cultural errors.
Students attending interviews for positions are required to wear a business dress as prescribed by the school and attend the interview outside of official class hours. If an employer requires you to meet with him/her during school time, inform the Training Coordinator who will try to gain a new time, if possible, for you.
Industry training contracts cannot be canceled or broken. Any problems with employers must be reported to the school. In the event of a student leaving the industry training position without the consent of the school, the residence permit will be canceled and the student must leave Switzerland.
Students participating in their second and consequent training program can receive an official school letter confirming eligibility, and use the assistance of the school to verify and check the work contract. Job assistance is however not given to these students.

Achieve satisfactory pass grades in all subjects in your course of study. Obtain a summary of your performance from the host employer, i.e. a job reference. Complete a 10-page report (assignment) on your training experience, due at end of the training period.
Complete all financial obligations with ISBM.

You are required to prepare a report that outlines your experiences during industry training. Please read the following guidelines to ensure that you understand the requirements of the report.
The assignment should be prepared in a report format. It should be approximately 10 pages in length. It must be typed.

Provide a coversheet that states your:

Passport and English name
Phone number
The date you started your Diploma
The hotel or Restaurant name
Your employer’s name

The report could include the following:

Describe the skills and knowledge you have gained
Describe special experiences
Describe your achievements
Describe what skills you could improve
Describe challenges that you faced
Describe a problem that you had and how you solved the problem
Describe how the experience will help you to be a good manager in the future.
The Diploma of Hospitality may only be released at an official graduation date. Currently, the graduations are scheduled twice each year. If you are unable to attend the graduation, then the Diploma will be sent to your current address.

At the completion of your education in Hospitality Management, you have several options available:

You may enter the Hotel Industry at the level of executive trainee manager, or junior manager
You may enter a Work Permit program in England, to work for 1 year before deciding where to move further (fee payable to referral company) or transfer to the Middle East (UAE, Kuwait) or PR China hotel positions, which become available from time to time
You may transfer to different schools or Universities around the world to continue your further education.
Note: transfer credits vary substantially according to your previous degree education programs completed.

Note: continuation studies outside Switzerland will be subject to visa conditions, which can vary from time to time.

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