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Paid Training

ISBM is the only Hotel and Business English speaking school in Switzerland that allows students to finance their education by his/her self, at ISBM you can earn up to 14'000 CHF per year, and the School fee is 18'000 CHF for the first year (including accommodation, Meals, Internet, and Insurance), 6'500 CHF for the 2nd year, 6'500 CHF for the 3rd year and 6'500 CHF for the 4th year (only tuition fee).

It means you have to pay 49'500 CHF for your BBA (including accommodation, Meals, Internet, and Insurance...), and during your study, you will earn 56'000 CHF, already 115% is back + Swiss Education + Employment experience + BBA / MBA + Friendships + Cultural experience

What is an Internship?

An Internship (our students call it: in-training or IT) is Paid Training and plays a very important role in the education system at ISBM, our students must do 4 in-trainings for the BBA and 2 in-trainings for the MBA. The reason why the students at ISBM must do the training is that the Hotel industry employers are looking for people not only with a strong academic background but also with strong employment skills that’s why we believe that the training is important for our student's future. If the student doesn't have any previous work experience it means he/she needs to take up an entry-level position in a small Hotel.

At ISBM we recommend that students who are wishing to do internships in Switzerland improve their German, French, or Italian language skills. During the Education at ISBM, we are focusing on preparing our students for positions in the hospitality industry and our students must learn the German language during their Education at ISBM too.

Note: if you have good language skills you have then better chances for a better position during your internships.

At ISBM we believe after the BBA / MBA the student will have a strong CV with 2-4 internships during their Education in Switzerland that's why students must do an internship session after each academic semester.


Before our students start the training we prepare them in improving their interview techniques and application strategy, that’s why we believe that our students are able to find training by themselves.

And till now 100% placement for internships

But you 
are never alone especially after you have graduated, if the student couldn’t find paid training Mr. Balmer will assist students in finding suitable positions matching their requirements, experience, and language skills.

Typical Internship Positions

The Internships are almost in Hotels or Restaurants in the German, French, or Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland, mostly in Lucerne, Zurich, Geneva, or Ticino, depending on the Student's employment experience and language skills, the Students are able to do their training in Kitchen, Service, Housekeeping or in Front Office (if the Student speaks good German, French or Italian) and if the Student is interesting to do the in-training in UK, USA or Dubai or other Countries we have some opportunities.

Did you know that in 2027 Tourism Companies and Hotels have supported more than 230 million jobs around the world? And in 2028 is expected to increase up to 296 million jobs around the world. And between the salaries in Hotels increasing up to 16% in the next 10 years?


During the in-training semester (each year our students must do one in-training semester ), If the student is doing the internship in Switzerland (according to the Swiss law) will earn currently between 2050-2400 CHF.- gross per month (valid 2010-2011). Some employers are offering higher salaries depending on the organization and position the student is going to work for. After the deduction of Accommodation and Meals, the net salary will be around CHF 1100 - 1400 per month (approximately 6600- 8400 CHF per semester)

And the school fee for the next year is 6500 CHF, which means the students will be able to pay the fee for the next year.

Note: no school fee needs to be paid during the Internship unless the student wishes to have accommodation on our campus.


Here are some points that should help our students to understand the meaning of an “Internships” and how the student can benefit from the Internships during their Education at ISBM:

Till now 100% placement for internships;
If the student wishes to be in a front-line position he/she needs good language skills;
The BBA students must do 4 internships during their Education at ISBM;
The MBA students must do 2 internships during their Education at ISBM;
Doing your internship in Switzerland allows you to improve your German French or Italian language skills;
The more experience and language skills you have the more options you have for your internship;
During your in-training in Switzerland, you will earn between 2100-2400 CHF per year;
Many students when they start the internship prefer working for a larger hotel belonging to an international chain. However, working in Small Hotels/Restaurants can help the students to benefits of working in a smaller team and it allows the students to enjoy more teamwork and is better for the students to get an understanding and insight into the overall operation;
An internship position allows you to ask questions;
Each day during the internship is an opportunity for our students to learn something new about Hospitality and Tourism;
During the Internship you will learn from other people's mistakes;
The options for the first-year internship are always limited;
No student fees during the training.


What do you really pay for one year at ISBM?

The tuition fee per year at ISBM is 6'500 CHF
Minimum Earnings per year during the Paid Training Period in Switzerland: 13'000 CHF 
Earnings in regards to our tuition fee per year: 200% / year
200% of the fee is already paid back during the Training Period in your Education at ISBM-Switzerland

Note: No school fee needs to be paid during the Training.

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