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Now you know why Switzerland and Luzerne... now let’s see why ISBM?

International Standard
ISBM is one of the few International schools in Switzerland following the international standard, our BBA is 4 years and our MBA is 2 years.


The Fee

our fee is 1/3 less than any English speaking Hotel School in Switzerland


The Insurance
For the first-year student, once the student has paid the all-inclusive school fee, ISBM offers one year of Insurance for our students, other schools pay just for 6 months and they let the students pay the Insurance.


The meals at ISBM are three meals, full board, 7 days a week, including during break-week, other schools just 5 days per week and the students have to pay for the weekend meals.


The Training
We help our students to find paid training, other schools are not helping the students to find training and the students are doing nothing during the training period.


AND NOW  You know ISBM is the first choice for your education and future career...


At ISBM we take care of the smallest needs of our students to make sure that our students will feel quickly home.

We pick up our students from the Airport.
There is always somebody from our staff to support you.
When our students arrive at the campus they will enjoy an individual check-in to our rooms and we will give the information on how to phone home.
When the student arrives at the Campus somebody from ISBM staff will show the student our school and explain about the area.
Before starting the Education at ISBM we prepared an induction day to give you the information about the Semester.
Family members can visit our campuses and stay if there are enough rooms.
We have students from different cultures and religions that's why the food reflects the culture and religions.
The school Doctor is available just a few minutes away from Campuses to provide care for our students.
Our students are fully insured for one year under the Swiss health system and have an individual insurance number, this number allows the student to go to any hospital or clinic in Switzerland if needed.
At least one member of staff is always on the main Campus 24/7.
Our campuses are fully equipped with safety and the latest equipment to provide our students with the best atmosphere.


ISBM: Different Kind of Hotel Management School – ISBM is a small School which means ISBM focuses on our students' careers and gives individual support to each student. Our Academic programs have been created to prepare you for today's professional world. We have around 150 Students studying per semester.

ISBM: Best Location in the World – ISBM is located in Luzern at the heart of Switzerland. The campuses are located in Canton of Lucerne which is the Swiss center of tourism and the most visited city in Switzerland,  the Littau Campus is less than 15 minutes from the city center of Lucerne; the Canton of Lucerne has been voted the safest city in Switzerland.

ISBM: Friendly School – We are focusing always on creating a happy and creative atmosphere for our students by doing some activities, parties, and field trips.

ISBM: Truly Global Business and Hotel School – A few of these countries are:  Belgium, China, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, United Kingdom, Ukraine, United States of America, Vietnam…

ISBM: An Inclusive school – The students at ISBM leave with a strong academic qualification and Employment Experience, the BBA students must do 4 of training, and MBA students must do 2 pieces of training during their Education at ISBM.

ISBM: High-Quality Assurance – ISBM schools are accredited and certified by many International Associations,

ISBM: Study and Work during the Education –  Paid practical training (internship) after every course and our School will assist all students in finding a paid internship (in-training).

ISBM: Student-Centered School – At ISBM we believe only if we treat our students like a family it will give them a good atmosphere which will help our students to feel quickly at home.

ISBM: We Care – At ISBM we know that almost all students are leaving home for the first time to study for many years and for some of them is the first time to go to a different Country and meet a new culture, that’s why at ISBM the Care factor is very high and we support our students 24/7 during the Education at ISBM-Switzerland.

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