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Mini Diploma in eBusiness and Global Marketing


The objective of this Diploma is to give students an understanding of eBusiness and the basics of global marketing in different kinds of business.

This mini Diploma has objectives in 2 different directions:

  1. The first direction of eBusiness: in an increasingly competitive business environment, the adoption of eBusiness technologies is critical to business survival. In this module, students examine how organizations can use all aspects of eBusiness to create new products and services, reduce the cost of existing business processes and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. The module then explores the typical revenue models that can be adopted, the key role of eMarketing, the development of business-to-business strategies, and the increasing importance of online auctions and virtual communities. It investigates the various security threats that can be posed to eCommerce systems and the appropriate countermeasures that can be adopted. The module also considers various electronic payment systems and concludes by reviewing the main components of a business plan for implementing eCommerce successfully.

  2. Second direction by focusing on global marketing in Business: This part is designed to facilitate students in understanding the key concepts of the marketing discipline. Concepts covered within the module, such as understanding customers and the external marketing environment, are relevant to all businesses.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Analyze eCommerce business models, eCommerce business-to-consumer strategies, and the eCommerce business-to-business strategies

  2. Evaluate various forms of online marketplace, examine the security threats posed to eCommerce users and understand how to plan eCommerce strategies

  3. Understand environmental and market factors affecting marketing decisions and understand the process of marketing and selling new products

  4. Assess the role of information and research in marketing decision-making

  5. Understand the marketing process in global markets and the marketing strategies in contemporary businesses

Admission and Fee:

  • Diploma: Mini-Diploma in eBusiness and Global Marketing

  • Duration: 2-12 Months

  • Age: Minimum age 17 years

  • English level: good English

  • Fee: 2950 Euro

  • Credits: This program is equal to 15 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) on EQF level 4/5

  • Start: this program has one start per year, always in October

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