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Lucerne (German: Luzern is the capital city of the Canton of Lucerne) Lucerne is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and one of Switzerland’s most beautiful resorts, not only because of its unique location in the middle of breathtaking scenery but also thanks to its many interesting buildings and places of interest. Lucerne is the most visited city in Switzerland and one of the most popular destinations in the world that's why our students can experience the essence of hospitality during their Education at ISBM. Lucerne has been voted the safest city in Switzerland and it has a beautiful location in the center of Switzerland. Our Campus Weggis lies at the end of Lake Lucerne. The unique panorama ranges from Mount Rigi to Mount Pilatus and, depending on weather, season, or time of day, set dramatically different moods. Lucerne has been ranked the fourth largest agglomeration in Switzerland for 2009.

Weather: The temperatures in October are between 10°C/51°F in the daytime. Nights are colder with an average of 8°C/47°F. Clothing should be suitable for a chilly climate. Pack warm clothes in your suitcase, a raincoat or an umbrella for unexpected showers.

Fun City: During your Education at ISBM you will enjoy the history, modern facilities, skiing, sporting, surfing, sailing, biking, canoeing, and horse riding all you can reach it in less than 1 hour from our campuses in Littau of Weggis.

Travel: Travel to Germany, France, Italy, and Austria during your Education at ISBM, you can reach these countries in just 2 hours from our Campuses and you can reach Paris by train in around 5 hours, London for around 20 Euro and Italy for less than 2 hours by train.

Language: Lucerne is in the German-speaking part of Switzerland that's why our students have the opportunity to improve their German language skills during their Education at ISBM and the Italian or French during the Training in Switzerland too. The German language is ranked the 2nd language in the world when it comes to Hospitality and Tourism because of German leisure and business travelers around the world.

Free Internet: In the canton of Lucerne the Internet is free WI-FI.

People: During the Education at ISBM it is easy to communicate with the Swiss people because everybody is able to speak English.

Population: 76.000

Visitors per year: around 6 million.

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