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Nutritional Cooking

Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Culinary Art (level 6)

Advanced Diploma in Nutrition & Culinary Art is a 40-week program, 20 theory and 20 practical 

The "Advanced Diploma in Nutrition & Culinary Art" is a comprehensive program that seamlessly blends the realms of nutrition science and the culinary arts. This diploma is designed to provide students with a unique opportunity to specialize in the fields of nutrition and culinary arts, equipping them with the knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in these interconnected disciplines. With a focus on the scientific foundations of nutrition and the artistry of culinary preparation, this program empowers graduates to make meaningful contributions to public health while creating delectable culinary experiences

Diploma study programs

Entry Requirements: Students with Level 5 qualifications (for example National Higher Diploma) and/or individuals in the related sector who exhibit ambition and have well-defined career objectives.

Age: minimum age of 19 years old

Duration: 40 weeks TQT 1500 Hours (this program is equal to 60 ECTS Credit Transfer System)

Study Fee: Click Here (read more)

Study method: Blended (which contains, 2-weeks on campus, 2 weeks of Virtual education "live education", and the remaining duration dedicated to independent online self-study and Training), this well-rounded approach ensures a flexible and comprehensive educational experience...

Credits: This program is 60 credits (1 credit equal to 25 hours TQT)

Awarded title: Advanced Diploma in Nutrition & Culinary Art

Study Program Structure




5 working days


Virtual Classes

2 weeks



16 weeks


On Campus

2 weeks



20 weeks



1 day

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