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Diploma in Secretary and Hospitality (level 1)

This Diploma Empowers Students for Success in the Hospitality Sector

Our comprehensive diploma program is designed to provide students with the essential study skills crucial for excelling in the field of Hospitality, with a specific focus on administrative roles. Throughout the program, students will gain the ability to critically evaluate and enhance their study techniques. They will develop fundamental skills to navigate lectures, conduct independent research, compose professional reports, and deliver formal oral presentations, making them well-equipped for a rewarding career in the industry.

Diploma study programs

Age: minimum age of 17 years old

Duration: 14 weeks TQT 420 Hours (this program is equal to 22 ECTS Credit Transfer System)

Study Fee: Click Here (read more)

Study method: Blended (which contains, a 1-week on-campus, one 1-week Virtual education "live education", and the remaining duration dedicated to independent online self-study), this well-rounded approach ensures a flexible and comprehensive educational experience

Credits: This program is 22 credits (1 credit equal to 25 hours TQT)

Awarded title: Diploma in Secretary and Hospitality

Study Program Structure

Students Chatting


Virtual Classes

1 week



12 weeks


On Campus

1 week

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